Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning about Columbus with our Oak Meadow and Making a Boat!

Today we are finishing up our lesson on Christopher Columbus and one of the projects was to make a boat. The lesson project called for a piece of wood and a drill etc.. I took a look at it and sighed. But my son came to the rescue and thought it would be better instead of going and buying wood to use a sponge and straws or dowels instead.

I let him go to town and he thought up all of these things by himself. He designed it all on his own and is now make a bigger one with (you guessed it ) more sponges and we are hot gluing them together to make a big captains ship. :)

He will probably be working on this new one through the weekend. He already painted the dowels made from disposable sponge paint brushes and is using the black sponge part for lifeboats... :)

He loved this and it worked out even better since I really am not used to using drills with wood so I was very happy this turned out well.

It was a really fun history day and we even tested out to see if it would stay afloat and it did! :)

Next is Jamestown and he is all excited about reading "If You Sailed on the Mayflower". I bought two books, I like to do this with him because we take turns reading or he or I can follow along with each other while reading.

Happy Learning~

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