Friday, February 19, 2010

Skip Counting~ for visual learners

I was looking through a few ideas I had tucked away for a few subjects and since we are working hard on our Times Tables I wanted to try and find something more to keep the enthusiasm going, he is still having fun with all the different games but I wanted to find something even more hands on, I found this at Over the Cresent Moon.

A really neat project to create when learning skip counting.

Here is one more neat source to share, patterns with the times tables using tic/tac/toe ~
Right Brained Math

Happymath learning & skip counting~


Cheryl said...

It is so rewarding when our children can have fun doing math.Thanks for sharing this hands on tool!
You might like Timez Attack for multiplication practice. It's a free video game you can download off the internet at

Learners at Home said...

Cheryl, thank you~ we LOVE Timez Attack - it's a great program ! We have been using many on the site also so far my youngest loves the snowball fight and the car wash.. :)

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