Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Curriculum~ Trailguide to Learning

We really enjoy learning at home using Dr. Beechick's teaching methods. I have been able to transform our home learning to a delightful experience in all areas of studying.

Recently, I had been talking about our favorite Language Arts program that we have been using~ called Learning Language Arts Through Literature. We really LOVE it, (both boys do actually )and I find it very thorough and comprehensive, yet gentle and easy to fit into our daily routine of learning.

Since I have found these methods to be so helpful, I had mentioned a comment our youngest had made while working his LA " mum, I wish all my programs were put together like this". I sighed and agreed. While posting this on a yahoo group I help moderate: Simply Beechick, a wonderful person (who also is the one of the authors of LLATL) mentioned to me about this new program she just finished up writing~ . She provided some information I found most helpful so we are now considering using this program next year ~

it is called Trailguide to Learning, they have created a yahoo group where you can ask questions and learn and share from others who are using the program.

The link provided above will also give you samples and more information about the program.

I also had found this review from Cathy Duffy as well.

While I enjoy reading reviews from Cathy and others what I really like is to hear about the programs from others who are actually using it, which is why things like e-groups and other places like Choosy Homeschooler and Homeschool Reviews are so nice to be able to check out.

I plan on learning more about this program over the next few months- our youngest seems to be quite interested in this so we will spend some time looking at it and learning as much as we can to see if this might really be something that could be as successful as our LLATL has been.

Currently there more volumes coming and one is set to be released later this summer and then the following year again in late August of 2011.

I have never been a big fan of pre-made curricula or boxed curriculum but neither would fit this kind of a program. It is truly unique and I think could be such a gift to many home learners who work well using the RB or CM methods of learning in their home.

I hope to learn more and as I do I will write more about what I have learned about the program and if we do plan to begin using it, I tend to be a bit cautious with new programs now, and ask many questions so I will keep you all updated on how things go~
Happy Learning Trails!

2 comments: said...

Hi There. I was really intrigued with this curriculum after hearing about it on your blog. I joined the yahoo group but it doesn't seem to be very active yet. Because you have the curriculum I wanted to ask your opinion. I have three Little People (dd12, ds10 & ds8). Do you think I could do a different language arts program for my daughter and keep her with us using this curriculum for history? I would have her read some separate biography's or classics to vamp it up too. This just sounds so great for my boys. I've always geared my curriculum choices towards my dd's age and feel it's time to concentrate on my boys. With that said I get nervous because my dd is older and I want to make sure I have enough "meat" for her. I would love your thoughts. I love your blog and enjoy and benefit from your posts.
Thank you.

Linda Fowler said...

Hi Adella – Just happened across this comment and would like to respond as best I can (albeit very late!) Concerning your dd (13 now?) and her language arts needs, it is entirely possible that the lessons in the Trail Guide series can serve her quite well (with minor adaptations). In fact, Geography Matters now offers Middle School Supplements for both Paths of Exploration and Paths of Settlement! These utilize higher level literature and do the “adapting” for you. But bottom line, we recommend holding off on most separate programs unless/until you perceive an actual need. A personal note: I ended my 17-year homeschool career with SO many untouched books and boxes and packets (that I saved year to year just in case my younger kids. . .) – but all of which seemed necessary when I bought them (hmmmm. . . slow learner maybe?)

At any rate, if you haven’t done so already, please consider visiting and downloading the sample lessons for Paths of Exploration and/or Paths of Settlement (Paths of Progress will be up by the end of summer, 2011.) Beyond that, if you have additional questions please come on back to the Trail Guide user group ( and let us know – if your concerns aren’t addressed by moms currently using the series, Debbie, Cindy, or I will do our best to answer!
Best wishes,
Linda Fowler

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