Friday, February 12, 2010

Homeschool Happenings~ Recycling and Creating from Clay~

We worked this week on the Sumerians and their contributions and made clay coiled pots. They came out really good and we were very surprised to learn about all the contributions that the Sumerians gave to us ~
This week we also talked about recycling and had some nice sturdy boxes laying around the Studio so we decided to make some recycled book holders for Peyton's books. They came out wonderful. He was very pleased at how we could use every day things around the house and make them into useful things.
He even made dad one for his office to hold his books :)
We had a great week and look forward to what next week will bring~ Happy Friday !


Sravani said...

Hi Tracy,
These are AWESOME projects. Neat idea of art and functionality. Way cool! My kids tried making one with the shoe boxes and it just gave up with all their heavy books:) We then made more to use them as magazine holders...
Thanks for sharing

Learners at Home said...

We tried them a long time ago and they didnt work so well. I ended up using a much sturdier box ( I found ones that the Ramen Noodles come in ) those worked much better. We only put in paper backs and it is holding up pretty well and he is pretty proud of his creation :) thank you ~

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