Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teaching Computer Technology~ some great resources

One goal I had for the remainder of this year was to try to incorporate lessons that teach computers and technology to my 13 year old.

He loves the computer and does very well, but it is time for him to be learning a bit more about computers and technology as he moves forward within his home studies. These lessons can be very beneficial to our learners, in the classroom and also at home.

Computers are everywhere and are used daily by many people. We have a total of three computers in our home. I have a laptop for my personal use and for my 13 year old to use for writing and researching for his studies. We also have a desktop computer in my instructional studio that we use for schooling and also a desktop we have in our den for everyone to use.

I had asked about any resources others have used for teaching about computers and technology and was given some wonderful resources from Velma (an AKOL member and author of the blog: Hilltop Homeschool )that I wanted to share with all of you~

Books for kids:
The Internet (First Books - Science Series) by Kerry Cochrane
Home Page: An Introduction to Web Page Design (First Book) by Christopher Lampton
The Internet for Kids (True Books: Computers) by Charnan Kazunas
Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

To download Computer Systems: Gateways To Cyberspace and more advanced books in the "Professor and Pat" series, go to https://mathrider. net/alm-process/ 2-ebooks/ Programming% 20newbies% 20series/

For learning to use the computer see:
http://www.ctdlc. org/remediation/
http://www.bcot1. com/
http://spclc. curriculum. html
http://tech. tln.lib.mi. us/tutor/ welcome.htm
http://www.umuc. edu/distance/ odell/ctla/ basic_skills/ basic_skills. shtml
http://www.ehow. com/topic_ 733_basic- computer- skills.html

for videos:
http://www.ehow. com/videos- on_5682_learn- basic-computer- skills.html

I started going through these resources and found them to be SO helpful. I just had to share them with everyone. :)

I also found through the Pass Program some lessons regarding technology and may use some of this to practice research and such on the internet with him~ the actual lesson are in unit 1 found here.

A few more resources to check out:

A computer unit study:

Computer Concepts:

Computer Training:

Beginners Tutorials:

We plan to dive into these this Spring and try a few things out over the summer with building out some blogs and websites together, computers can be fun and helpful while still keeping our children safe and happy. :)

** a special thank you to Velma for helping me along in finding these great resources**

Happy Technology Learning! :)


+JMJ+ said...

These are great, thank you!

Cheryl said...

What a thorough collection of resources. Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

home computers and laptops said...

It is really great to have computers and laptops at home for it helps everyone to do their work and having knowledge with modern technology. Keep it up.

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