Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Science Learning - Human Body and Scientific Method

Our science learning has really ramped up lately due to my most recent surgery and lots and lots of questions so it is kind of convenient that one of our newly acquired science programs would begin with the Human Body~ more specifically with The Nervous System.

I found some great resources for studying the Human Body and wanted to share them with all of you ~

We are working right now with Abeka Science (which my son picked out personally and was very excited to use). We only use this as a guide and I tend to begin with the chapter work through it and then we tend to augment and add to things as we go along with notebooking pages, lapbook folds, posters to make, projects to do, videos to watch etc.... so far our youngest loves Abeka and is very pleased with his choice he made.

So, onto the resources I wanted to share:

Human Body Lapbook Lens by Jimmie~ this is a great resource with lots of information for teaching about the human body. Information on notebooking, lapbooking, reading recommendations etc...

We are going to be using a book I found that creates a paper model of the human body. The book is called The Body Book and is by Scholastic. ( see above for picture)

I also plan to use the free printables on the Science with Me site also which I find excellent for a visual learner.

Our older son also just started a "new" program for his home learning by Oak Meadow and is studying the Scientific Method. Here are some resources for this concept~

Scientific Method Printables~ this link resource is a Squidoo Lens by Jimmie~ it contains much information about notebooking and things that pertain to the area of science. Scroll down to the Scientific Method printables~ if your looking for a lapbook for chemistry and physics you can find it here too~ :)

The boys are having lots of fun with their new programs and having the flexibility to change things up as we like or twist and add things makes science learning even more fun for all of us.

Happy Science Learning~


Jimmie said...

I'm so glad that my lenses have benefited you in finding free resources! Next year we'll be studying human body (6th grade) at Sprite's request.

Sparklee said...

Your blog is always a great resource and inspiration--thanks so much!


Learners at Home said...

Jimmie, I love ALL your lenses~ it really has helped me along in our homeschooling journey~ this particular lense has been so helpful to me especially now while trying to recuperate from my surgery - I am not able to do even half of what I could do before, so I was so happy to have found your information :)

Sparklee, I am so glad you find these resources helpful and encouraging~ onward and upward :)

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