Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning about Big Cats~ a bit of child led learning~

My boys love Animal Planet Channel. We have it on very often and both boys love learning about animals of all kinds ~ we happened upon a show I wanted to share with everyone. It is my youngest favorite show and has become a favorite of mine as well. We usually sit together and watch the show because it is so unique and interesting.

I had never been completely interested in "cats" until this show~ and now we are hooked. :)

A wonderful show that takes you through daily routines of prides and cats and how they are all so very different. We have learned so much from this show and my youngest loves this kind of learning SO much. Never could we have learned and experienced these things from reading a text - we just love it. As we watch we begin to build a connection with the animals, Bella, Simba,(King of the Marsh pride) Queenie, the Marsh Pride, (the biggest pride of animals in refuge) Shadow and Keekay ~ etc... we begin routing for them and their survival.... and begin a true appreciation for them and their survival~

Big Cat Diary~ a link for more information about the program.
A Cheetah Lapbook - by Homeschool Share- ( one of my son's favorites is the Cheetah)
Animal and Pet Blogs~ there is much to learn from these blogs as well

Be sure to check out these and other wonderful shows to aide in your home teaching~ :)

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