Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Learners Who Know Their Own Needs - Daily Checklists~

It was our first day back to our traditional studies today and it went wonderfully. We followed my plan of only doing two subjects today Language Arts and Mathematics and it worked out very well indeed.

Taking the time that was needed to explain and acquaint ourselves with the new programs can take some time, but we did well. I really think as we move along things will become much more efficient.

I have mentioned before how I remain flexible with my teaching and the needs of the boys and today was not exception. My younger son, who worked very well with our "Weekly Assignment Sheet" last year decided he would rather have a daily checklist to go by and know what his assignments are just for that day and not have to bother writing down or worrying about looking ahead to the rest of the week.

I listened and sat down to write up a daily checklist for him to use instead. You can find his personalized checklist I made here.
I then asked my older son which he would prefer and after he looked at my younger child's checklist he said he found this also to be much better SO, I went ahead and made one for him as well which you can find on this page as well. (his is named Christian).

For anyone interested in a blank template I also erased my subjects and created a blank template for others as well on the same page marked blank daily checklist.

I plan to use these daily. For mine that I had written I will be circling and writing beside the programs what is going to be worked on if I need to. In the comments I can write any notes on something we may not have finished or that we need to review.

I was so pleased to see my younger child taking control and understanding and being able to verbalize his needs/wants. I really think this is so important in a childs learning.

Even though we only did Language Arts and Mathematics my youngest decided to watch History Channel and decided to come and orally narrate back the whole story of King David and the War with the Israelites. He expressed he wished to study this much further which I promised we will ~ one thing I am learning about my boys is they definitely know what they enjoy learning and that makes my job a whole bunch easier as their teacher.

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