Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Learning Math, Naturally~ through our Reading

Today we had an interesting day for Math and Reading. Our schedules have been quite busy so I needed to consolidate our "teaching time". For some reason, whenever I do this things seem to flow for us so naturally, it can be really quite surprising~

Teaching about even and odd numbers can teach division here is how we did it:

I pulled out a book I had on our shelf called Even Steven and Odd Todd my youngest, a bit reluctant to read it..but after glancing at the pictures seemed intrigued with all the gerbils so decided to give it a try.
As we read the book, he immediately noticed the pattern of all even numbers and began skip counting by 2's as he read the book.
We read on and then I decided to try something.. {in the book Even Steven decides to make pancakes for breakfast. In doing so he begins to explain how he wishes to make 8 pancakes, so he could have four, for breakfast and then four, for lunch~ } I thought about this as Peyton read, I decided to introduce division, in the most simplest of ways~ through even and odd numbers. :)

After reading about the pancakes I asked Peyton if the number "8" was even or odd, he knew immediately it was even, I then asked him if the number "4" was even or odd and he again knew immediately.

I showed him on my fingers "eight" and asked him, "what is Even Steven doing" with the eight pancakes..?" He took my fingers and moved four together and then the other four together in a bunch to show the pancakes for breakfast and for lunch~

I explained this was right!~ AND that he just learned that we can divide 8 by the number 4. His eyes were all big... and yelled out " NO WAY" that is like 4x2! ... we were laughing I said yes we use multiplication to divide things... this is the way to divide things and do division. :)

He was all excited. So today, was reading and math and introducing division in a way I had not thought of..perhaps I should have.. either way... he loves division .... so now I think we will learn more hand in hand about multiplication and division facts to show how they can compliment eachother. Why only practice 2x4= when we can show that it can also be 4 dvided by 2?

Other links I found on this: Even Steven and Odd Todd Math Song
Teaching Even and Odd Numbers to Second Graders: Math Cats
A power point to teach even and odd numbers using math journals: Even Odd Powerpoint

Reading comprehension, and math all in one.. it was a very productive day.

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