Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cricket in Time Square~ Notebooking ~ Dyslexia

We just started reading today a new book. "The Cricket in Time Square" . My youngest son loves animal stories and loves mice. I think this will be perfect!
Here is a website I found to help along with the reading: Cricket in Time Square Questions and Activities
More Resources:
We also have been working on narration and I have found this works so well with our stories. The boys each have their own notebooks they add information on our daily reading and draw pictures that pertain to the story. They might also add a few other things that combines something they either saw or learned about, which helps pull things together and creates a deeper sense of understanding.
Some resources about narration:
Comprehension has always been a trouble area for us. Having dyslexia, sometimes comprehending what is being read can be very frustrating. Many dyslexics can read quite fine, or might even be above reading level but other things tend to not work correctly like, comprehension and word understanding or the processing of how the words are used. These all fall into the area of Language.
There are also helpful books that enable better comprehension:
I will post back any fun activities we will be going as well as we move along further in the book.
Happy Reading!

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