Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grammar Binders ~

I had mentioned about an idea I had for making grammar more fun and appealing to my boys and I decided to combine notebooking/lapbooking/scrapbooking while doing it.
Here are some of my ideas so far...

* We are going to be using white 11/2 inch or so binders that have a plastic cover around the binder to slip pictures or a scrapbook sheet into the pastic for a unique, individualized cover for each child. {for this the boys will find cut up pictures from teacher catalogues and google images and things like that to decorate }

* Before I thought of the binders, we have used composition books for all our Language Arts notes and things I plan to keep this inside the binder in the pocket part of the binder for them to continue to use to take notes and such.

* Using paper dividers I am going to divide the binder into a couple sections. PRACTICE (these could be for copies of work or papers that new concepts were introduced)
LESSONS (this would be for activities I have pulled off the internet for teaching and for making folds and interesting activities they can do that would combine Lapbooking, Scrapbooking and Notebooking methods.
GAMES/ACTIVITIES: this would be for games we found to play and we can 3 hole punch and add to the back of their binder for further practice and fun..other activities might be a ziplock bag of flash cards with the parts of speech on them - color coded to help provide a more multi-sensory approach.

Here are some examples of what I am thinking of: Practice: would be copies of the students appropriate reading leveled book copied to help practice with finding parts of speech.

Making a flip book and glueing to cardstock of the word VERB on the front and inside listing or cutting out pictures or both of examples of could do this for nouns, (this would probably be a tri-fold book (for person, place or thing). pronouns, adjectives.. - create and print your own flash cards, can use as flip folds for concepts. - connective tiles for practice lessons.

LESSONS:lessons can be on-line too, making things more interesting..and mixing things up a bit. - for an example if you chose wacky web tales you could fill in the blanks and print out your wacky tale make a colorful border and write the parts of speech for it as a lesson :) - something like this can be printed and activites can be done and cut and pasted scrapbooking style to your cardstock and placed in binder..

These are all just some things I am going to use to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
As I posted before, we purchased the Scholastic book of grammar games and activities and I plan to do ALOT in there too.Here are more games to add to the Games and Activites Section:

Hopefully this gives other an "idea" of what we are doing.

Happy Grammar !

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