Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Someone's Birthday Today!

Today is my youngest child's birthday. P is now 10 years old today! How exciting. My son was so excited for his special day to come, afterall he explains " I waited all year Mama"!

We all agreed to day would be P's day. We are going out to get some books at the library and then out to McDonalds for lunch (one of his favorite places). Then it is home for a Birthday Lapbook ~ yup, a birthday lapbook~ here is ours that we plan to use today (older brother plans to do it too for his date for his birthday).

Here is where I purchase many of my lapbooks:http://www.handsofachild.com/shop/ note, that as of yesterday HOAC is having a 35% discount on their Kits. May be a great time to take advantage of one, if you have not tried them before~
Here are some more lapbook links that might be helpful since we are talking about lapbooks~
http://www.homeschoolshare.com/index_lapbooks_master_list.php- this is through homeschool share and provides all kinds of lapbooks and "folds" for you to choose from.
http://www.homeschoolshare.com/lapbooking_resources.php- more places to purchase premade lapbooks in case your not the creative type.
http://blog.choosyhomeschooler.com/?s=lapbooks- this is an article from Choosy Homeschooler about lapbooking~
http://www.homeschoolhelperonline.com/lapbooks.htm- free homeschool lapbooks
http://www.cathyduffyreviews.com/creative-learning/lapbooks-knowledge-box.htm- a review of lapbooks by Cathy Duffe and how it can be used in certain programs you might be using.
I could give you more but you can contact me if you want more information~ :) There is Knowledge Box Central that offers Lapbooks and on the Homeschooling on a Shoestring website if you search for lapbooks you can find videos of how to make lapbooks which helped me a great deal in the beginning...
Some curriculum that uses a lapbook style is Time Travelers Series by Homeschooling in the Woods for history. For science there is Great Science Adventures by Common Sense Press. These just to name a few. ~

So happy birthday to my baby! And happy Lapbooking~ a fun, creative way of learning and teaching our learners at home ~

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