Sunday, December 6, 2009

Planning during the Christmas and Holiday Season~

It isn't easy trying to teach our children at home, run a household, maintain our jobs at home or outside the home and plan our Christmas events, menus/baking, gift giving, entertaining etc... it can get really crazy this time of year can it not?

I am a bit late in doing this but around the first of December I have over the years taken time to create a calendar for the month. I print it out and place things I need to do on it as it pertains to the holiday season.

For me, it has been a real time saver and life saver both! I could never do what I do when I do it without planning ahead.

I try and look at the month and make plans as to who and when we will entertain family and friends. I plug these important dates in first and then move out from there with what I may need to do. Each day/week I try and fit something or several things in.

I bake ALOT around the holiday season, we tend to give homemade gifts like cakes, coffee cakes, cookie trays, candy and breads away to our friends, doctors and helpers who we see throughout the year. Because I do this I plan out usually to bake the whole week before Christmas while in the mornings going shopping for gifts.

I will also add in anything else I need/want to do... I will jot down when I want to do my Christmas cards and to whom I will send out first and last etc..any perfomances for Christmas, recitals or anything else that is planned that we wish to do all goes on this particular calendar. I also plan out our Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Menus, baking included ~ this is added to my Christmas Notebook which I will share about another time.
It is a great way to take everything I need to do and give it a "place". So it isnt floating around in my head all day and all night keeping me awake or making me forget about things.. I post it on my fridge and know where to go to see what I need to do for that day to keep things rolling and efficient. It really helps.

As I was searching for a printable calendar this year I came across this link from The Teachers Corner I noticed it was a bit better than other years I have printed my calendar because I could modify it any way I wanted. Look closely at the instructions~ you can modify the calendars cells and colors~ you can also add more events by looking at their own calendar they give. There is also a neat option for using it for writing prompts for journal writing.

I hope this helps your Christmas/Holiday planning as much as it does me~

Happy Planning~

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