Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New Twist to our 5 a Day Math Practice~

I cannot take credit for this idea at all. It was entirely my 10 year olds idea. I had been taking an assessment of where he was at, in this point in time with his math understanding. He did very well and has mastered many new concepts so far this year.

Progress is becoming more and more rapid and I think his math is going to become more and more fun for him as he moves forward...

We were looking through pages of his old workbook we started and that he now had just about finished up~ I was getting ready to make up some more 5 a days for practice for him when he started looking through some pages we had skipped in his workbook.

He suggested we take some of the portions of the workbook cut them out all fancy and glue them to the five a day~

I could see there was definitely a few more things we could continue to work on so I carefully looked through and we both picked concepts and portions and cut and glued them together for his math practice.

They came out great! Saved me a bunch of work too~ and it was fun~ I just never know what these boys will come up with next.. but promise to keep you posted~!
Happy Math Practice~

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Sparklee said...

This looks great! Since we just started MOTL I'm looking for creative ways to use it...


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