Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IEW- Story Sequence Charts using Grasshopper on the Road

We had been reading Grasshopper on the Road by Arnold Lobel, a real favorite author of ours~
I had an idea of using this book for a writing resource for our IEW Writing Program.

We are currently working on Unit III which is writing short narrative stories using a "story sequence chart".

We finished this book this morning and are planning to use the short chapters- (which are very similiar to short little stories) that can be adaptable to writing up our story sequence chart and creating our own short story based on the chapter.

Another unique aspect in using a below reading level book to use as a resource for writing is that we will re-read the chapter for a purpose - (for writing) and this will help build fluency... I think I may consider doing this more and more with our reading books. I think reading and then writing about a reading as a writing resource can work quite nicely together.

This is such a fun book about a busy grasshopper and the many things he encounters and the insects he meets. A perfect resource for our writing program.

Happy Writing~

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