Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Great Internet Resource - IPL

I posted about this on AKOL this morning for our Saturday Spotlight~ and wanted to share about this great new resource I found here on my blog for others who are not members of AKOL.

I had been working hard this past week on building out my Life Science teaching binder ( which I will post more about a bit later on as it is more complete) and found this web resource that is really fantastic.

It is called The Internet Public Library.
It is categorized by subject and provides a plethora of links/websites, online texts, newspapers etc.. for teaching/learning about a particular topic. This site can be used for all ages through highschool.

There is also a cateogry set up called "KidSpace" and TeenSpace" which I really found great for our younger learners.

I found it definitely was a real "keeper" and one that made it to my desktop to be used weekly if not daily if we need it.

I hope you find it as helpful as I have so far. It really is a kind of website you will need to sit with a cup of coffee/tea and search through for quite a while~ I know I am still working through much of it~

Happy Saturday everyone~

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