Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas and Winter Activities~

December is here already, I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by~ I mean it seems we just finished up with Halloween doesnt it? Thanksgiving came and went already and now it is time to prepare and think about Winter and Advent (this past week was the first week of advent for us).

It made me begin thinking of how I could incorporate winter lessons into our studies, just to mix things up a bit - my boys enjoy routine but do not mind a few different things mixed in now and then.

Winter at our home is one of our favorite times, especially for my boys... I am not real "sure " about it, but they sure love it... they are constantly wanting to go outside and play and are in the snow all the time having snow ball wars, building forts, they even love the night sky etc.. so I thought~ hmm, I am sure there are many fun things to do and add to our home learning as it pertains to the Winter Season.

For starters, I needed to begin thinking about Advent and Christmas.~ We are only having school for two weeks this month due to so many other things going on, but they work very hard when we do have school so there are no worries as to falling behind and such. ~ I will not be able to add "too many" things but wanted to a few ideas to choose from and found some fun and interesting things here:

The Teachers Corner ( I really liked the idea of the bird feeders since we started a bird study which came from a recent nature walk- this will fit perfectly with what we already started. )there are also many more activities here, puzzles, crosswords, printables, science with snow etc.. much, much more.... for all ages and stages of learning development.

Education World- lots of activities with grades assigned for them also. I especially liked the snow, ice experiment, snowy painting..something fun and wacky to do and also the animals in winter - a favorite of my youngest~ :)

Winter Activities- all kinds of things pertaining to winter~ coloring pages, making snowflakes,even snowboarding stats for yours and my middle schooler..something for everyone here~

Winter Math Activities- snowflakes, and snowflake symmetry, penguins interactives, problem solving, literature connections etc..

Teaching Mom- online interactive advent calendar with readings,prayers, articles and literacy connections.

American Catholic- readings for Advent and other things as well~
Advent Prayer Box for our Advent wreath at home - our youngest will be making this~
Happy Winter fun~

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