Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Printables for Teaching~

I had been searching for manipulatives for specific math activities and found this great new resource.

Has many great teaching resources and many are FREE.

Laura Candler's file cabinet is full of great teaching printables for many levels of learning.

There is also a free newsletter you can sign up for along with joining her group on Facebook to discuss more teaching resources you might want to share or look for.
It's always fun to find new resources to share with others ~ and free is even better!


Fiddler said...

This looks like a great site, thanks! A fellow homeschooling mom and I have both been looking for supplemental math worksheets, and these are very well laid out.

Anonymous said...

I liked how they were organized as well just had to share.. I stumbled upon this while searching for math manipulatives to print instead of purchasing.. :) Enjoy!

Learners at Home said...

If you have time be sure to sign up for the newsletter as a gift for signing up for her newsletter you are entitled to three e books you might like ~ :)

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