Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Online Health Science Program~

While working our new schedule- Thursdays is a split day for us where we do an artist or musician study along with some sort of health science learning.

I was looking for something that was different and fun. I really liked this site and wanted to share it with everyone.

I have both a teenager and also an elementary student I am teaching. This program fits them both very well.

I love exploring the lessons and also the online health journal you can do. I think it will bring great fun while learning important health issues in our home.

Aside from this site we will also be learning First Aid as well~
Here are a few websites I am planning on possibly using for them;
Kids Health First Aid
Teens & Health First Aid
Teens Health & Staying Safe

We plan on making some posters, practicing certain first aid techniques in case of an emergency, role playing in an emergency etc.. I think the boys will enjoy it, and it will be important lessons for them ~ for staying healthy and safe.

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