Saturday, November 7, 2009

A New Schedule and our Math Day~!

We have been working on our new schedule which started this week and we are doing great!
The boys really enjoy the new plan and studies are more fun, hands on and comprehensive ~ it may seems a bit radical I would admit, but in looking a bit closer it really is not.
Our study week reflects one core subject per day that is taught. (This excludes any therapies or remediation that is needed or have been started)

note: before reading further I wanted to mention that consistency in learning is very needed in our home with my kind of learners so before working our core subject for the day, we sit and do our daily reading and a math five a day (MOTL) and it is then we are ready to begin our core subject).

Our new schedule looks like this;

MONDAY - Language Arts; which includes reading, writing, grammar/usage, phonics, vocabulary.

TUESDAY- Science Day; anything to do with the topic of science we are working on. Activities include Lapbooking, Notebooking, making posters, experiments, nature walks, field trips, projects, online games, and research~

WEDNESDAY: History/Geography Day; activities include mostly what is included with science- I am starting to see as we dig deeper a real integration between science and history for the boys it is quite exciting. - we also might do cooking/baking for history (which ties into math also) if we have recipes from that time period and also an art study (again, which ties into the time period of study).

THURSDAY: ART/MUSIC/HEALTH/ LANGUAGE DAY; this is the only day of the week where we have shorter times for things and is more working on several areas. They really like this day since it is so eclectic and we have a bunch of fun learning fascinating new things in art, music and even Health (first aide, hygiene etc.) and our new foreign language - FRENCH!
This is also a day that I take to do errands with the boys, we schedule cleanings, doctor check ups, grocceries, visit people and have friends over and such.
FRIDAY: MATH DAY- our activities on this day includes "Teaching Time" of a new topic in math if they are ready. More practice and review of what they have learned and games, games, games. Each child also has their own Math Reader they are reading also and spend time doing that as well.
Our Math Day yesterday was great fun~ I first sat down with my older son and we went over his five a days that he had worked on over the week. (these had already been corrected, we did this each day after he finishes, however we do not go into any teaching at that time we save it for Friday). We look things over and decide exactly where more work is needed and if not will jump to the next topic of study. This week was a review of Decimals and we sat and went through review and teaching of using decimals/money for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Several notes were taken in our math journal and some notebooking pages were created for his math binders.

More wipe board work was done and then he had his "teach me time" on the concepts.

Afterwards he played a few math games on his computer that were math related and then had time to read his new math reader book; Confessions of Howard J Fingerhut .

Our youngest worked on his times tables with a fun online game that has a penguin that serves ice cream. It is a nice change of pace from the Times Attack he has been working with. He likes Times Attack, but depending on where he is at in his multiplication practice and how he is feeling that day will depend on if he wants to be timed and have all the stimuli ~ (for some learners Times Attack can be quite fun,but STRESSFUL, lol )

He then (while I was still working with older son) decided he wanted to do his Penguin Diner a bit so he did that as well (loves this one too) :)

Afterwards it was time to switch so Peyton came into to work with me on some math concepts to review and I could see it was not quite time to move forward with new concepts so we did Math ball and practiced further with our times tables. We also started a poster that will have all his math facts on it so he can go back and review these when he wants.

Then it was time for him to begin his new math reader; 7X9 Trouble . Another great book and as we read, we discussed multiplication and he made connects between estimating and rounding up numbers along with addition to get many of his answers. I was amazed at how his little mind works.

Our math day is done~ other days may be a bit longer and more comprehensive but for today we did a great job and what is really important is that they are looking forward to our next "Math Day".


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing this. Love to see how MOTL folks are doing their lessons.

Sparklees said...

Hi, there! I linked to your blog from the MOTL group. This is a really interesting post--I think my oldest might enjoy focusing on one subject a day, because she tends to get really into something and doesn't want to stop. (That's one big reason we homeschool--flexibility!) Anyway, thanks for all the great math ideas!

Learners at Home said...

Pam, I will post more as we move along :)

Sparklees~ wonderful~ I love sharing ideas it is fun :0) My oldest is really beginning to thrive on this way of scheduling, I am sure if may not be for all learners but worth a try if your hearing things like "it's boring" or "how much more" etc.. :)
Flexibility is key and is precisely one reason why I continue to homeschool :)

Jenna said...

Thank you for sharing this on the MOTL group. This looks like a great way to switch things up. All my kids are little (4 kids, 6 and under) so we need daily practice with many things - but I will try to remember this idea for when they are older :)!

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