Sunday, November 8, 2009

Autumn is in full swing- time for those seasonal chores inside and out

I think Autumn is a beautiful time of year, living in New England we have the opportunity to really reap the benefits of Autumn - the cranberries, apples, picture perfect landscapes right outside your window, bright sunny days with a bit of a "nip" in the air~ it is really a great time of year, here in New England.

With all of those wonderful things we still have many things we have to do and prepare for this time of the year. The Fall Season is full of chores outside and inside preparing for winter and the upcoming Holiday Season.

I have learned over the years to try to prepare the best I can for things; bad weather, sickness, holidays etc... it is a very busy time of the year for all of us.

Homeschooling can add to our already busy schedule~ I am thankful I have taken time over the ears to make seasonal lists. They have helped me stay on target (somewhat)- I use these lists to help me remember, because like so many, I tend to get wrapped up in things and would forget some pretty important things if I did not use these things as reminders.

Here is a sample of my Fall To Do List~


* Fall Cleaning; windows and blinds cleaned - screens taken out and washed down and stored
* Pantry and Kitchen cupboards organized and food re-sorted, purge old foods from storage. I also make a list of foods I might be in need of like extra coke (for sickness) or possibly pastas or something like extra kleenex or chicken soup for cold/flu season.
* Call doctors for children to set up fall physicals (this year we skipped b/c of the flu epidemic and I will re-schedule for the Spring)
* Take out Fall Decorations and platters/candy dishes etc.. for house.
* Radiators taken apart and cleaned and vacuumed "before" we turn heat on.
* Call heating company to set up furnace to be service for long winter.
* In bedrooms wash all summer bedding and pack away and add winter comforters and bring out throw blankets from storage to be used as wraps on cold days.
* Clean out medicine closet and purge all old medicines that are out of date, make list of medicines to pick up in case of sickness and also call doctors for any prescription refills needed to inhalers, or breathing machines, etc.. add to the list a cool mist humidifier and purchase extra filters for continued cleaning throughout winter months.

** Wash and bring out all winter hats/mittens and snow pants etc.. check to see if things fit and are ready along with their boots, before snow gets here.

* pick up batteries for flash lights and check to see if we need candles.

Items I keep in my linen/medical closet:

Digital Thermometer

Cool Jel Ice packs



Tylenol for adults and children ( I check dosage according to the childrens changing weight as well)

Ibuprofen for adults and children

Peptobismol tablets and also liquid form.

Vicks vapor rub

Chapsticks one for each person in the family (usually buy extra too for chapped lips and nose therapy)

Saline mist nasal Spray one for each person in the family, I print their name on it so no one gets confused.


Muscinex for children and adults

Robitussin CF and DM


Cough Drops


Gatorade in closet also to make for popsicles



Cars maintenance for winter months – oil change, fluids filled, tires rotated etc.. I also keep a dishpan and also paper towels for unfortunate tummy troubles. Also snow shovels and windshield snow brush and blankets are added as well. (we have jumper cables, but choose to purchase AAA a well worth purchase as they have really come in handy during emergencies)

Shrubs covered for snow damage

Christmas lights put up before snow comes

Snowblower maintenance for winter use.

Salt/kitty litter purchased for ice removal

Snowshovels checked and brought out along with roof snow rake.

Snow sticks hammered into ground for snow removal of driveway before ground completely freezes.


Lists like these can really help when the weather is bad and your not as able to just run out and get something if you are sick or have a sick child.

It is near time I get out my Christmas Journal and begin planning for the Holidays ~ but I will save that for another time~

Happy Autumn preparation and planning ~

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