Monday, October 12, 2009

A Phonics Learning Tool ~ "Phonics Flipper"

I had time to run to our local homeschool/textbook store called The Book Cellar. They are having a 75% off sale on all their homeschool used/new books so I thought I would go see if I could find some deals~ us homeschool mums always seem to be looking for deals and we always need something don't we?

I found Phonics Flipper ( " A Basic Referene for Reading and Speaking" ) and wanted to share with you about it. It is really neat and very versatile as to how you wish to use it. Laminated and in a matchbook style format, it has a hard plastic backing that is three hole punched so you can attach it to your Phonics/Reading/Language Arts binder for quick reference.

The Flipper starts with the short vowels, giving word spelling examples and then progresses down toward the long vowel sounds. It gives digraph sounds and examples along with consonants for "n", "k", "s", "j", "f" and consonant blends, sh, th, wh, ch , st, tw, bl ~ along with other blends like spr, scr, str. There are syllable and pronounciation tips with a glossary and dictionary quick reference.
An inexpensive, handy and helpful tool.

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