Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mindful Meanderings: Ruth Beechick's ~ words of inspiration and support

I had a long day today~ working hard on history for the boys and feeling like I am reinventing the wheel at times with some of these textbooks~ I get frustrated with how they are written and the snippets of facts thrown in here and there. My frustration with these textbooks reminded me of something I read a bit ago;

"I meet teaching parents all around the country and find them to be intelligent, enthusiastic, creative people doing a marvelous job of teaching their children. But, sad to say, most of them do not know what a great job they are doing. Everyone thinks it goes smoothly in everyone else's house and theirs is the only place that has problems. I'll let you in on a secret about teaching: there is no place in the world where it rolls along smoothly without problems. Only in articles and books can that happen." Ruth Beechick, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

I often try to find some time to set aside to re-read certain passages from Dr. Beechick's book "You Can Teach Your Child Successfully". I find such inspiration in her writings.

We often try so hard don't we? Seldom do we give ourselves an acknowledgement for all we do with our children and the hard work and long days we spend researching things to help our young learners.

When I read Ruth Beechick's words it helps to remind me and keep me centered in my goal of teaching my children. It isnt how fast or how quick we get to where we need to be, they are working to their best abilities at times in huge strides which can sometimes really surprise us~ and other times things may need to move slower but our goal is always to not learn as much as we can as fast as we can, but to learn what we can as well as we can.

I really think it is better to know something very well and do it very well , than to know lots of information and not do any of it or know any of it very well~

As homeschool parents we continue on our journey onward and upward, hopefully helping eachother along the way, sharing and supporting eachother the best we can.

Many of us homeschooling parents are mindful of what others do and I think it is one reason why we try so hard to encourage and support eachother in our efforts~ I am so thankful for all my friends and people I have met, who have helped make our home learning so successful.

Happy Home Learning~

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