Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cranberries and A Cranberry Thanksgiving Unit~

It's just about that time of year again. The weather is getting much cooler and our colors are starting to pop. here in New Hampshire. It got me to thinking about Thanksgiving and how much I love the holiday and this time of year~ It has always been a favorite time for our family.
A perfect time to read Cranberry Thanksgiving and to learn much more about cranberries!

I found some great information and activities while reading this book. We have not yet completed the unit but I wanted to share the ideas and lessons in case anyone might be interested in doing a similar unit.

Resources for the unit: (these are for both boys, I alter and add things as we go along) * please note, these links have been updated since the original posting date*

Homeschool Share has a Lapbook for this book.

HomeSchool Mom has a variety of resources for this book.
Science related:
Cranberries and their Properties, Health Healing Juices
Herbs Hands Healing - The Cranberry
Large Cranberry and High Bush Blueberry Cultivation~ higher thinking level specific to NH
Recipes: (there are SO many out there I will stop here :) )

Field Trips:
Language Arts and Activities with Cranberries:

I think we will be enjoying this mini unit and I am hopeful some of you find a few of these resources helpful and fun just in case you decide to dive into learning about cranberries with your Learners at Home ~


Nadia Kurrle said...

I really like this book and want to use it for a Thanksgiving unit for my learners at home. I have looked through this list and want you to know that many of your links are unavailable or broken.

Learners at Home said...

Nadia, thank you so much for letting me know of these broken links, I will be sure to update these~ my apologies for the broken links. This is a much older post and it can be harder keeping up with these links, your note really helps me :) Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving~


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