Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn means APPLES !

September and October means APPLES here in New Hampshire and we have got LOTS of them. We live in an area where there are many orchards so we have a wonderful opportunity to pick and choose our favorite places to pick. Our favorite place is Meadow Ledge Farms ~ it has many varieties of apples and is practically in our own back yard- all but five minutes from our house. I think the best thing about this apple orchard is the homemade Cider Donuts we get after we are picking... the lines are long to wait for the hot donuts... but as your picking and come closer to the barn.. you can smell the cinnamon and they are the most scrumptious donut we have ever had, you remember just like grandma used to make when she would put them into the brown paper back with cinnamon and sugar and you couldnt wait to eat them...! :)
We had a perfect day for picking this morning. It wasnt too chilly and it had rained the day before so the apples were absolutely beautiful on the trees.
I found some apple activites and some printables. There is also some interesting facts about apples also. Younger learners may like to make an apple lapbook, do apple prints with tempra paints. There is also a lapbook over at Homeschool Share for Johnny Appleseed. Live and Learn also has a free Lapbook on their site about apples. (just scroll down to see it)
and a few extras~
Kindergarten: thematic unit
apple theme unit from The Teaching Heart
Johnny Appleseed Thematic Unit
A few ideas for older children:
The Apple Journal has history of cider and other information.
History of apple cider

A great day and now off to bake some of those apples for my guys~ Happy Apple Picking!

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