Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silent "e" takes a vacation~

Today we were working with a few spelling rules with adding the suffixes "ing" and "ed" to words that end in silent "e", along with the one syllable rule, where you double the consonant when adding "ing" and "ed".

After going over the two spelling "tips" as I like to call them. ( I don't use rules because so often these "rules" are broken so we call them "tips" )

I gave my youngest a notebooking page to practice some more words on. You can find the notebooking page I made here.

Afterwards, I wanted to once again go over the information just to be sure he had a clear understanding of the two different rules. My little cutie decided he was going to teach me back the tips. (I have introduced this way of showing mastery when we first started homeschooling, a child who can teach another something shows mastery)

Here is what HE came up with and I just had to share~ :)

Along comes the word "poke". Mr. "e" in "poke" was really getting tired and decided he needed a vacation, (we just came back from vacation this past week :) ) SO Mr. "e" decides to call up his friend "ing" and ask him to come and stay with "poke" for a bit while he is off on vacation. Mr. "ing" agrees because he is always so busy "doing" things (this is where I mention tenses and verbs, lol ) so he comes over to "poke" and joins him and they are happy.

Then Mr. "poke" is tired of Mr. "ing" so Mr. "poke" decides he wants to visit with Mr. "ed" so he calls him up to visit and come over... Mr. "ing" leaves when he sees Mr. "ed" and they join up together and are happy too.

I really just loved this and it really, really showed (me anyway) just how much understanding he really had with this. ~

So now, I plan to use the "vacation" idea whenever I am talking about silent "e" and adding suffixes. By the way he had gotten all the answers correct on the notebooking page partly because I allowed him to, once again, take control and make sense of this in his own words. :)

So if you have any learners who are worn out from learning about suffixes and adding "ing" and "ed" to their words... you might want to suggest a "vacation" for little silent "e" :)

Happy Home Learning!


Sravani said...

What a neat idea! That is an awesome fun way to learn!

Mud Covered Teacups said...

Thank you AGAIN for your insight and ideas. You are wonderful.


Learners at Home said...

Thanks Subadra and Adella~ I just thought it was so cute and helpful too! these little stinkers with what they can think of... I told him... I am taking notes from him.. he loved that one. :)

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