Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Science and some Schedules~

We are getting ready to begin our new science programs next week and so I took some time today to go over the various ideas and resources I have for our science. We are using NOEO Science Biology II with both boys and also separately they are going to be working on Apologia's Exploring Creation Series for Astronomy and General Science.

I realized I was going to need some sort of a schedule to make things a bit easier with the General Science Book and so I began looking around for one that would fit us, in order to save some time. I found this SCHEDULE over at Core Foundations blog and it fit perfectly for us. (scroll down to see the 2nd edition General Science, there are others there too) I tweaked the schedule just a bit since we only do science 2x a week perhaps more if he can but I did not want to box ourselves into dates and weeks, so I took those out. I found this schedule to be just perfect for us. It gives a snapshot of what is to come also for experiments and vocab words etc..

I couldnt find what I was looking for with the Astronomy so when that happens I decide to create my own which you can find here. (under Exploring Creation with Astronomy )
I added book resources I could find with my online catalog at my library and also some internet sites also that we may use if time permits. There are also blank space I can write in something I found or want to remember to use as a resource.

My boys probably love science as much as they love history maybe even a bit more depending on the topic. My then 12 yo when asked what he would like to study in science this year commented he wanted to study Stem Cell Research and the politics and science involved with it.. as you can see I have my work cut out ahead of me~ :)

Here are some really wonderful science sites I keep and refer to often: - Donna Young's site to get information for Apologia and their General Science Program. - wonderful site with videos and tons of outdoor information. - I really like this site for when I need to look something up. - this site has just about everything you would want in science. - my older son loves the forsenic science.

Books on science:

Well I am off to check out another new program we are starting for next week~ toodles everybody ~ :)

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