Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More ~ Games for Teaching

I just found this site and just had to share~ We love games
and using them for teaching. I have written about it quite
often~ this site is free for registration and you have access
to many different kinds of games to use for practice and
From the home page: Teaching with Games
Language Arts - Homonyms - Board Game and a Go Fish Card Game
Phonics - Initial sound - Go Fish Card Game
Math - Plus And Minus 7- Old Maid Card Game (Pre-membership sample Available below)
Language Arts - Short Vowels - Two Board Games
Math -Subtraction - Several Spinners (One Available below)
Generic Review Gameboards with Spinners
Language Arts Word Comprehension Go Fish Card Game
Reading Sight Word Alphabetizing Tiedown
Language Arts Parts of Speech MatchIt Card Game
Math Money More Or Less Card Game (Available below)
Math Telling Time Board Game
Geography US States and Their Capitals Old Maid Card Game
Plus More... Register and look, over 35 Games as of September 2009
I have not had a chance to look through all of them but found many we could use.
This is a must to check out~ Happy learning!

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