Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Learning about Synonyms~

We have been working with Learning Language Arts through Literature and came upon a lesson on Synonyms. These can be SO much fun to teach but at times. My younger son could never remember what synonyms were and what it meant.
After working the re-introduction to synonyms from LLATL, I decided to create some further practice for him with a notebooking page, called Sensational Synonyms. I wanted to try to capture key points that LLATL brought across and also some ways I knew would help trigger a memory hook ( link provides information on creating memory hooks) for him in trying to remember what a synonyms was.
The first thing I thought of was that there was an "easy" way to remember what a synonym was and that is by looking at the first letter of the word Synonym. "S" stands for "same". By definition, the word synonym is a word that means the "same". This seemed to REALLY help.
Another was the introduction of the "book" of synonyms as we called it ( The Thesaurus ). He had a hard time pronouncing it but I referred to it as a book that sounds kind of like a dinosaur... and he picked it up right away... :) it was really quite funny!
I also tried pulling in another subject since I could see a direct relation to it that would really help. In working with IEW (our writing program) in one of the units (unit 2, I believe) it introduces "banned words". ( I cringed at this at first and then as we moved along we would make a game out of it and it really brought greater depth to their writing). The banned words are words like "said", "run" or "big" words that children so often overuse in their writing. So they are banned. Instead a list is given much like the one on my notebooking page above and a list of alternative words (synonyms) are given to replace the "banned word".
I didnt even have to explain the page when my youngest blurted out "banned words MUM", look and began listing words.... it clicked he got it. :)

Seeing how we can use synonyms and how they can make our writing so much richer in content along with a "book" (thesaurus) to help really explained much more to him when learning about synonyms.
I hope some of these little things help your synonym lessons for your learners at home as well ~

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