Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The World of Catalogs and Magazines~ for home living~ part II

These are some catalog sites and magazines, I have looked at in the past and there is an abundance of resources in here.

There are so many out there I thought I might just give a few sites to share. These are sites I have found some good catalogs and magazines in the past.

I use these not only for teaching ideas but for painting ideas and home organization and decorating. I also like sometimes trying some of the recipes found in certain magazines and surprisingly have found many to be very good and easy which is always helpful with such busy schedules.
http://www.catalogs.com/ - this site lists a ton of catalogs to choose from. -Look closely and you will find some for teaching and educational supplies as well.
http://www.cataloglink.com/- this is a really big directory for catalogs to choose from.
http://www.all-freemagazines.com/ - I found this site although I have not used it but plan to look into a few of these~ :)

Classical Homeschooling Magazine
Eclectic Homeschool Online- an on line magazine
Everything Homeschooling - a free on line homeschooling magazine
Family Times - and on line family/parents magazine
Heart of the Matter- one of my most favorites, you can apply for a subscription to come right to your email box.
Homeschool Digest
Homeschooling Today
Secular Homeschooling - an online magazine
Homeschool World- another favorite
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine- many people like this one, myself included
Home Education Magazine
Connections - this is another favorite ezine of mine, an unschooling ezine that keeps me in balance at times. :)

Here is a link for more homeschooling magazines on the internet: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8259/homemag.html

Here are some online kids magazines I have found:
The Bunk Room
The Science Mouse
Directory of kids ezine magazines
ON-Line magazines directory for teens

I have come to the conclusion that there is too many to list~ :)

Personal Note:
Besides the National Geographic, Muse, Cobblestone etc.. some magazines can be great for teaching and exploring topics with your learners. One particular magazines comes to my mind quickly;

One of my most favorite magazines that I think lends itself to wonderful teaching ideas and teachable moments, Yankee Magazine. I can read this magazine cover to cover and find ideas and pick and choose little things for the boys to learn about in our area, one idea for example was an article about stone walls. The article: "New England's Stone Wall Defender" dated, March/April 2009 edition of Yankee Magazine, written by Jim Collins

Robert Thorson, author of the book Stone by Stone, writes of his fascination with New Englands Stone Walls.

In our area, it is common to see stone walls all over the countryside, here in New England. They are examples of a geologic history here in New England. I myself, have always been interested in these since in our travels have never seen these anywhere else but here in New England and there are many reason for this and the article and book talks about these things.

What a fascinating topic for children, who might live in New England or have a stone wall on their property as we do ~ stone walls have much to teach us and exploring these brings pieces of our past to life.

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