Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lesson Planning ~

In an attempt to prepare for this years new studies. I went looking for a helpful lesson plan template that would fit my needs.
I really don't follow a rigid, timely schedule. I found that when I do it usually falls apart after the second week. ~
I do, however, have a need to manage tasks and have some sort of organization to gather thoughts and objectives I want to accomplish.
After never finding what I needed, I decided to create my own for my lesson planning notebook.
You can find my lesson plan template here.

I decided to create one page for both of my learners to make it easier to see "at a glance". The boxes are small because I tend to over-write and over-plan, sound familiar? :)
This will keep me on track while using this, with my daily notebook journal I will write in daily of their "actual learning tasks" I will have all that I need to move forward weekly with their assignments.

Happy Planning everyone~

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