Sunday, July 26, 2009

~The World of Catalogs, for Home Learning and Home Living ~

I just LOVE Catalogs don't you? I can spend hours upon hours with a cup of coffee, reading tidbits here and there on wonderful books and items to use for learning and home making.

I have come to realize we cannot possibly purchase all these wonderful things we see, however, I have realized, that we can learn about books on topics we might need or are interested in. We can then look toward our lending libraries or make a wish list to save for a particular item.

All in all, I really find catalogs a great help. By reading educational catalogs especially, we can get ideas for teaching concepts in all subject areas.. when the author or publishers gives samples shots of a particular concept we can learn to modify this to meet our own needs and make up our own activities and exercises and this can be really alot of fun to do.

I have compiled a list of catalogs that I have subscribed to now and again: (the following are all free catalogs you can either download online or send away for in the mail)

Teaching and Homeschooling Catalogs:

Cobblestone and Crickets

Everything Elementary

Castle Moyle

China Berry

Cottonwood Press

Curriculum Associates

Love to Learn

Rainbow Resource

Memoria Press

Seton Homeschooling

Winter Promise

Beautiful Feet Books

Homeschooling Books

Home Science Tools

Alpha Omega Publications

Remedia Publications

Christian Books Distributors

The Teaching Company

EPS Publishing

PCI Education

The Book Peddler -added
(thank you for the recommendation Katie :) )

A few of these are new to me and I just got a couple in for the Fall, so I will enjoy flipping through to see what is new and perhaps get more ideas. :)

Some ask how can I get ideas from catalogs, well for me, I kind of get ideas from everywhere. I tend to be a bit weird like that I suppose. For example if I am reading about a book that talks about a certain topic I may go online to research the author and other books they have written, I might explore the topic a bit further and the history and science or math behind the topic and make notes for reference when we learn that subject.
It seems to work well and is a great way to keep things interesting and fresh.

When looking at samples, I may even get ideas for a notebooking page and tweak things to suit my boys interests and strengths .

I enjoy mixing things up quite a bit, I like to keep things creative and hope to share more ideas about homeschooling creatively this Fall once our studies are in full swing.

Until then, I am collecting ideas from these catalogs, links and resources to share with my boys for their learning at home.


Fiddler said...

Oooh! Some catalogs I don't have! Thanks for the links.

Learners at Home said...

your welcome~ I love finding catalogs that I did not know about~ :)

Katie said...

Hey, Tracey, Another one I enjoy to get a good summary and the time frame of a book is The Book Peddler. They have discount prices too. Great resource to see what books you want to read for a history study.

Learners at Home said...

Thanks Katie, I will be sure to look this one up and add it! :0)

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