Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Up Close with Nature~ Butterflies~

We sat out on our back porch the other evening and noticed our Lilac bush had visitors. It amazes me at times, how we are able to be so in touch with our surroundings and how each day brings a something new to learn and explore.

Peyton was amazed at how he could get so close to the butterfly. He immediately started asking questions and was curious about all kinds of things with butterflies.

We will probably learn a bit next week about butterflies. Here are some resources I may use:
Homeschool Helper and Homeschool Share. For younger learners there is Lapbook Lessons.

Resources for learning about butterflies~
Learning About Monarch Butterflies
Blooming Butterflies

The Butterfly Website
Butterfly Coloring Pages
Facts about Butterflies

Here are some Books about Butterflies~
A Butterfly Book list~
Books from Amazon on Butterflies~
Best Butterfly Books from Family Education~

Butterfly Lessons and Activities~
Butterfly Lesson from the Teachers Guide
Butterfly Unit-Butterfly Poetry
More Butterfly Lessons~
Butterflies and Caterpillars from A to Z

Create a Butterfly Garden and Feeders~
Building a Butterfly Garden~
Creating a Friendly Butterfly Garden~
Make a Butterfly Garden~
Make a Butterfly Feeder Plate~

I think we will have alot of fun with these resources and learning much more about butterflies that are in our backyard~.

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Gerky said...

I love butterflies. We are very fortunate to have migrating butterflies in our trees for a couple days during the fall on their way back down to Mexico. We love laying on our backs and watching them.


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