Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Summer time~ Re-connecting with Scrabble~

The weather is finally warmer here and sunny so I wanted to pull myself away a bit for some down time with my boys and enjoy the sunny warm weather~

This week has been quite a busy week for me and my family ~ but I took a few moments out to kind of re-group with my boys and we sat and played scrabble ~ we have been away from formal learning for about a week now, so I thought scrabble might be a great idea~ it was.
We ended up sitting on our front porch in the shade and playing our game and as we played I reinforced spelling "tips" (more like rules, but we dont call them that) and math by doubling and tripling and adding etc... it was great and I felt like I re-connected with them~ sometimes things get so busy for all of us we lose track of things.. like spending some time together, with a good book or a fun game... we had a great time, laughing at words my older one would make up words we never heard of so he brought out a (my competitive one, sound familiar to anyone, lol) and we learned a few new vocabulary words... go figure! for me, it was great to just relax a bit to for me~ they are off to play and have a water gun fight~ but
I just thought I would share how even sometimes a game like scrabble can be a real refresher/review for skills learned~ we had so much fun, this could get addicting~ :)

Happy Summer~

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