Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ Nature Journals~

We finished our covers for our Nature Journals the other day. The boys enjoyed learning a bit more about watercolor methods, although we quickly switched to acrylics because our covers did not work well with all the water from the water color.
The boys found the acrylics much easier to work with and learned a bit more about foregrounds and how to help create trees that might look more real.
These will be their first nature journals they have ever done. I think it will be quite exciting for them. They love exploring and we are planning to work on this journal not only through out the summer months but all year round, so the boys can see first hand, the marvels of nature.

We plan to use the Handbook Of Nature
and also a blog called Handbook of Nature Study
other books I was planning on using are located in the book carousel below. We love to pull different kinds of resources for learning and books of all different kinds are a big part of this.
I also found some Nature Journal pages we can use for our books~ these pages I really loved because they were for all year round~ something I had not found until only recently.
was very helpful. Along with this link about Nature Study, Charlotte Mason Style
There are also yahoo group available who are using HON (Handbook of Nature) You can find these groups here.
This group has e-text versions in PDF of the Handbook. This link is the other group that contains the storage of e-texts for the book as well. This group is available for users of HON.
I found this Nature Book List for reading aloud to the boys from the Charlotte Mason Tripod.
There are many resources out there when studying nature.. we also plan on doing some bird watching and a bird study this summer, I will be sure to post resources for those later on.


Kris said...

Lovely journals!!! Miss Mason certainly knew the appeal of the outdoors to our children.

Tracey said...

Thank you Kris, they had lots of fun doing this and are excited about getting out and about and learning exactly what is in their own backyard... my boys love exploring it really ignites their learning.

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