Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring is here and that means Cleaning and Planning~

I am not entirely sure about others but I know for me, I like getting organized, the hard part for me as I juggle so many things is staying organized while I am so busy~ I found a few things that might be helpful ~ a fun group I found last year and I seem to always go back to for hint is:
Another site for home organization that I like is called Life Organizers . I find this site really fun, with interesting tid bits of information for the home and cleaning and other things too!
and here is a helpful Spring Cleaning Chore Checklist - I made up my own.. then found this one...~ but thought someone might find it helpful... just go down the list and check things off as you go.... and here is a downloadable room by room Spring Cleaning List., which is kind of how I do things room by room, I have a tendency to start with my bathrooms..and then work my way to each room, seems to work well for me so far.. Fall is when I go room to room and do all the windows through the house one day and then all the light fixtures another day and then closets... etc.. because Fall is when things start to really get cranking and time is so much shorter for me so I can juggle our Fall cleaning better this way.
We also are going to be planning for our new year of home learning. Portfolios are complete and evaluations are done and now it is time to move forward and jump into more learning and exploring.

We plan to do a nature study along with other units over the summer; Nature, Baseball Unit, Ponds Unit, Oceans Unit Study ~ We are going to be completing Swiss Family Robinson and starting Robinson Crusoe and a few others....
I have my list started... also recently I have been exploring in more depth Charlotte Mason Methods for Teaching and recently read Catherine Levinson. "A Charlotte Mason Education".

It was very helpful as the first book I have ever read regarding Charlotte Mason philosophies.
It was a quick overview of methods and concepts that Charlotte Mason used in her teachings.

I found a new website that seems to be really interesting and has great potential to be a good resource for more eclectic CM'ers. Here is the website: It contains forums and blog posts set up with wiki-pages for those interested in sharing ideas and comments on certain topics. I really like it and hope to see more individual who use a more eclectic CM approach to their home learning take advantage of this a bit more.
There are two other new resources others were kind enough to share with me and they are:
Tanglewood School and also Mater Amabilis, which I plan to scan over and help guide me in our planning for this new year.
I am still researching more and more on CM Methods while also looking at Ruth Beechick and her philosphies as well. I plan to post, "my interpretation" on how I can incorporate these methods combined in our home learning.
Happy cleaning and planning everyone!


Gerky said...

Thanks for the awesome links! I tried to use many years ago and it worked (while I used it). I think I am going to search these links of yours and use them in combination with A Clean heart Challenge to come up with something that will work this year. Boy, oh boy, do I need

PS...thanks for posting those Charolette Mason links...I have never seen those and so love the Charolette Mason way of schooling.

Tracey said...

Oh gosh I think we could all use HELP~ lol I am meaning to add more Charlotte Mason Links as well as soon as I can find time.. I need more time, I am so convinced of this~ tracey~

Momma Snail said...

Thanks for a great post! We follow Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick. We are working on organizing our homeschool right now. I am hoping to do the workbox system.

Joi said...

This is something that I am doing right now. I am going through each room and decluttering, sorting, giving away and cleaning.

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