Friday, March 6, 2009

Grammar Woes ~ What does Math have to do with it?

Let’s face it, teaching grammar can be really boring. The information can be dry and sequential – the abstract thinking of grammar can be a daunting task for children with learning disabilities.

I recently had started working on a new math program with my boys – MOTL- Math on the Level, written by Carlita and John Boyles, I have found this program to work wonderfully for my boys so far and brings forth new life into the teachings of math, something that was severely dreaded in our home studies.

While learning more and more about the methods MOTL uses I had the idea that I could incorporate these same methods into our Grammar program, another area that was not very exciting.

~ Grammar in “5”~
***Introducing one to two new grammar/usage concepts per week while reviewing through a 5 a day review the areas that have already been learned and introduced. These 5 areas are: Parts of speech, Capitalization, Punctuation, Sentences, Writing/Word Usage (subject/verb agreements)

The idea is that skills can be practiced and slowly built upon while continuing to practice skills already introduced in a quick fun manner. ********

I have researched and looked at MANY grammar programs and there are things I like in many of them, so I decided to combine all the things I liked in certain programs and begin my own scope and sequence for grammar ~ based on my children’s academic level, needs and abilities.

Using State Standards to guide me and research on programs, I gave brief assessments to my boys to find out where they were at in the world of learning grammar and usage.
Once I knew where they were at and what their needs were I began my work building a guided reference towards each concept along with lesson ideas, activities, resources – like interactive websites for fun games and practice of current concepts.

My boys both have memory difficulty so when we learn something in grammar it is forgotten quickly unless there is a consistent effort to review which can be hard when it comes to grammar.
Using this kind of method aides in helping them work with areas they have learned while building upon new concepts.
Click on: "Grammar in "5", template for worksheet. ( contact me if you would like a copy of our suggested sequence) I will also be posting this when complete on my group files over at the AKOL group.

For me, because the methods of MOTL have worked so well, it only seemed natural to build on something that was working and bring it into our other subjects, like grammar- another subject that is sequentially based or can be sequentially based like the subject of math.
I attempted to “try out“ my idea over this past week and found the boys to meet grammar head on with “vim and vigor” the quick lesson instructions and resources I have used have made grammar fun and interesting.

We have tossed our grammar workbooks - now they are only used as a "guide". We use "notebooking style" methods for notes and activities. It has changed how we do grammar dramatically.

For more information on the Grammar Binders scroll down to read my blog post of February 26th for more information on the binders themselves.

I believe to have finally solved our grammar problems with a scoop of ingenuity, a few sprinkles of resourcefulness and a whole lot of prayer :) .

Hope this helps you along your grammar journey for all your home learners ~ Happy Grammar!

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LaRessie said...

The link for the grammar in 5 is not working. I would LOVE to see it. I will see you around on the MOTL board. God bless.

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