Tuesday, February 17, 2009

History~ with "Time Warp Trio" ~

My sons both really love history, well actually all of my sons like history in one way or the other. They enjoy learning and exploring about the past and they like comparing things from then to now..it can get really fun...we have these long discussions on how things might have worked way back in history and now how things can become so different or may intrepreted differently.

I have noticed lately that the boys have been watching a show that airs on Kids Discovery Channel called "Time Warp Trio". What a great show....

Bascially the show is history based for children. It offers excitement and adventure and humor all rolled into one., my boys really enjoy watching every morning before we begin doing our studies.

The show is filled with facts based upon history and is based from the childrens book series by Jon Scieszka.

The books are great! Both my boys enjoy them very much. They have really taken an even greater interest in history since starting this series.

There is a website for the show with a Teachers/Parents area to print out lesson plans and ideas for further activities to do. We really like it.


http://www.timewarptrio.com/teachers-parents/ - section for teachers and parents

there is also games on the site as well.

Happy History everyone!


Karies place said...

Hi, my name is Karie, and I found your blog through Friends of Homefires. I just wanted to say I think this history show looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

Karie ~ My children love it and I have found that it gets them even more interested in learning about history ~ :)
During the week they wont miss a show, we start our studies after the program!

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