Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Activities for Young Writers ~ KIDS WRITE!

I just love this activity book that teaches writing through hands-on activities.

We have used this book before and my boys really enjoy all the activities that this book has to offer. Adventure, Mystery, Folktales & Legends, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing along with Fairy Tales - even Comics..!

I found this book at our local library and now I am forever borrowing it or so it seems, we may have to just add this to our home library. It really helped my boys get inspired to be creative and to write stories from their imagination.

This is a Williamson Kids Can Book by Ideals Publications. You can learn more about Williamson specific books at their website @ www.williamsonbooks.com OR www.Idealsbooks.com .

Happy Writing Home Learners!

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Anonymous said...

One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to choose books that specifically relate to your child’s interests and concerns. I was glad to see that Learners at Home are homeschooling children with learning disabilities, because these kids often struggle in traditional schools. You can use the picture book The Don’t-give-up Kid and Learning Disabilities (by Jeanne Gehret) for a writing exercise. It introduces the child, then mentions several types of learning disabilities and talks about his in particular. Parents and teachers have invited young kids to write within this format, introducing themselves and then mentioning something that is difficult for them. Because the book’s hero is inventive and idolizes Thomas Edison, you can do a spinoff on biographies of the famous inventor. A couple good children’s biographies are Wizard of Menlo Park, by Randall Stross, and Thomas Edison, by Sheila Wyborny. You can also do origami!

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