Friday, February 27, 2009

Finding Ways to Use those TEXTBOOKS and Workbooks You No Longer Need..

Textbooks ~ there all over the place. I have tons of shelves with books upon books and program upon program that was either tried and ditched, started but did not work, ordered then when received set aside...what to do with all these Textbooks and Workbooks!

Here is an idea ~
Use them to teach! How you ask, when the program is not the one your working on , not following the correct sequence or remediation practices..... you still can.

When working on a subject like let's say Math. You have done your daily worksheet, activity etc.. but want to spice things up, get creative is an idea....we are working this week with fractions...
I decided we will do a lapbook on Fractions ~ I looked all over for a lapbook template - nothing I liked or could use so next best thing... make it myself.
I began looking for resources. I first started digging out my old textbooks, Horizons, Spectrum, Lifepacs, etc.. and looked for fraction concepts... I found a whole bunch...cut them out and stacked them and decided to use these as practice and make mini pockets and booklets/folds for fraction fun....
I then searched for more resources and found these: Fraction Resources to help me create a more individualized lapbook. ( note: 7/1/09, if link is broken please scroll down and find my profile link under Homeschool Launch this is where the resource page exits, HTH's)

I think it is a great way to "use" these textbooks and workbooks we no longer need.
This can be for any subject of any kind and is a great way to get your money's worth...if lapbooking is not your "cup of tea", try notebooking or journaling with them...posters, projects etc.. collages the possibilites are endless.

One other way to use these textbooks is to sell or donate these to your local homeschool groups. Either way they would be helping someone or yourself. :)

So before you decide to never open those textbooks you hated, think again, take a peek there might be some great creative fun in there! :)

Heres to more organized books shelves, saving money and creative teaching!

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