Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sensory Overload At T.G.I Fridays!

We came out of TGI Fridays on sensory overload! here is our story ~ lol

We decided to head out to TGI Fridays last night for dinner and were looking forward to a fun meal and some time to kind of re-connect before our weekend began. The boys like the appetizers (fried green beans w/dipping sauce) :) and my husband and I just planned to "try" to find something that was somewhat healthy, lol.

When we got there it wasnt too busy and took our seats. The first thing we noticed is how they seated us all in the same area, not spreading patrons out so as to not be on top of eachother...then we ordered....and as the food came my husband and I noticed right away that they quickly turned the music up really loud...(it was loud when we first came in) but by now we literally almost had to yell over to answer one anothers questions. The music, well let's just say it wasnt even near "Fall Out Boy" - more like " Drop Kick Murphys"~ even though I like this band I didnt appreciate listening to it while I was trying to eat and talk to my family.

The boys both have sensory issues so it was interesting to see them try to eat and block such noise out. They have both gotten MUCH better with their sensory issues and I think my 12 yo was ok with things until the music started screaming (yes I mean the singer was actually screaming during dinner), but the 10 yo had a really hard time eating...

I thought about asking them to turn it down but when I did when we were over at another restaurant they did not even touch it and just ignored I thought it was futile..
Scratch one more restaurant off our list for dining for sure! lol

We came out of there and I told my husband it was like I was a kid who just got out of a dance or a rock concert....ears were ringing... etc.

We talked about it on the way home and my thoughts as I spoke with my husband are this:

Dining Out used to be for entertainment and enjoyment. A way to go and be waited on and just kind of kick back and enjoy your company and good food.

NOW, dining out in my opinion, for most of these chains has become more for convenience than enjoyment and entertainment. Fast food chains can give us these accomodations.
The loud music helps us as patrons to eat faster so we can leave and they can fill our table with yet another consumer and they can make even more money from our families.
Loud music also helps in their bars where it creates a party atmosphere and consumers drink faster and order more and more and spend even more money than if they were leisurely sitting enjoying the surroundings and eachothers company.

Hmmmm, I am just not buying in to it any longer ... I refuse to be fooled by these chains any longer dont you? We will stay with our family restaurants and away from the trendy chains and hope to have a more enjoyable, less stressful family meal! :)

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