Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Portfolios and Scrapbooking ~

I have been exploring the world of scrapbooking~ I have never done any formal scrapbooking before and had heard from some veteran homeschool mom's about how they use scrapbooking techniques for their portfolios.

As I looked into this further, I became really interested...the more I heard and researched the more I think my boys would love to help put together their own portfolios for our evaluator and it would at the end be a wonderful keepsake for them to have of their "homeschooling days".

I began searching at our local Walmart store and found a whole bunch of sticker items and sticker letters and card stock...I really loved it... I ended up purchasing some "schooly" stickers for their cover (ie., a sticker of a back pack, a globe of the world, a little notebook, or a desk or chalk board or schedule etc..) they were really cute and will be perfect for our black binders.

I am going to start hunting for special scrapbook papers like for history, maybe to have the constitution in the back ground or for science some test tubes or a beaker with a bubbly concoction.

I also plan to design some of my own papers and use those which I will share once I get them finished. I was also thinking of letting the boys make their own papers as frames to frame their work on (collages, favorite cartoon cutouts, printouts of certain characters from a book etc.. ) the possibilities are endless and I think doing our portfolios this way will really make it more fun and interesting for someone to review.

I plan to add alot more pictures this year of things we do, like cooking, and experiments, things the boys build, models they make, even videos we watch, computer time.. etc.. this year I have found we do a great deal less book work or worksheets than we did last year and I have found it works better and they learn and retain more by doing instead of sitting in front of a worksheet. - So pictures will be a big part of our portfolio scrapbook.

An AKOL group member wrote on our group about smilebox a free program where you can upload your pictures into a visual scrapbook online - she showed me samples and I really loved it and would like to try that later on here is their site: http://www.smilebox.com/ really looks like fun! Thank you Velma!

Update~ Grammar: You might recall I said I would give an update as to our grammar dilemna well I believe I might have found something.. I am looking into a program by the Institute for Excellence in Writing called "Fix it" ~ it is a grammar and editing program that has funny stories for the student to edit and change into grammatically correct sentences. I have not tried this approach before so I think he will enjoy the correcting more than the seeking out the parts of speech..
One other person mentioned to me to leave parts of speech " at the door" and just do grammar orally and ask what each word is and break it down that way, which I am definitely going to try and I think is a really great idea. I can still use Winston's Clue Cards for this exercise so I think I may have found what I am looking for. ~

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