Friday, January 16, 2009

Peyton's Time ~

Today we had an interesting thread on our AKOL Group. I found that I wanted to share some more about this.
The discussion began with children needing to carry things around in their pockets. Lego's or items they want to bring with them to doctor appointments or a visit somewhere.
I really can relate to this and find it quite delightful for my son's to bring things along with them. I never really gave it much thought until this discussion came up.
One group member was concerned that where her child brings things along like lego people and such that it might hinder his learning at school or at home.
I always felt that this might be a kind of comfort for my sons.
A piece of home and sometimes a piece of themselves, maybe it might be a little car they might have worked so very hard on and were not quite ready to just put it down yet, SO, it came along...we always see them bringing things along, their GI Joes, Lego people or boats etc.. never really worried too much about it.
My son, calls himself a modeler. He goes upstairs to his room and can be up there for hours upon hours only coming down for dinner or lunch.
When he was at public school, the minute he would get off the bus, he would rush upstairs to his room to be with this legos and relax in "his world" and have "Peyton time" as we like to call it.

After the holidays when we were visiting all over, we would come home and no sooner were his boots off he was upstairs taking time for himself to unwind and play and build and create.

We love that about our little boy and I would never, ever want to take any part of his time away from him, unless for bath, eating or sleeping, lol .

I think it is very important for children to be able to explore their passions whether they are with legos, coins, paper dolls, miniature doll houses is important to their development and helps with their stressors throughout their day.

Don't we all wish we could have or make room to be "in the moment" for our own "Peyton time".
~ tracey

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