Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Math Fun on our Monday

I found a book at our local library by the All Aboard Math Reader, "Breakfast at Danny's Diner" - a book about Multiplication. By Judith Bauer Stamper:

This is a Level 3 Reading Level book *longer text, *harder words, * more complex stories - The font is larger similiar to many level 3 books. The books are in a series of wonderful, enchanting stories that children can read while learning concepts in Math. My son, loves things with Diners and Services Jobs so when I saw this book I knew he would love it.

We use a math journal and as concepts are introduced in the story we write down the examples they give which for my son give real - life learning towards his math concepts which he really enjoys and understands much more.

There are several books in the series to work through, most can be found at your local library:

Happy Learning from Home!

~ tracey

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