Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Wednesday and that means it's Literature Day at our Home ~

Well, today is Wednesday and that means it is Library and Literature Day. We usually take the middle of the week to go and get our library books and also read and work through a book we have chosen to work through by my reading to them aloud, or sometimes we take turns reading outload. I pick up three of the same book so we can all follow along and pick out literature study units or lapbooks or just book unit studies to do that go along with the book.
We had lot's fun today; We are right now reading Mr. Poppers Penguins:
To go along with it we are making a Penguin lapbook: (this is the one we are actually using : and this is another I found. and for activities.
We had alot of fun with this today, and we learn new words as we are working like "derby" and "waddling" and "coat tails" etc...great for reinforcing and expanding vocabulary.
We also, to tie things in are doing a unit on Antarctica and I found these links and information to help: - I use these to add to our lapbook ~

We also read books from the library on Antarctica and on Penguins which some will be from their reading level while others are a bit higher and I read to them. We find pictures and print pictures of penguins and the Antartica and just today P decided he wanted to do a real model of the Antarctic and Penguins with real water, should be quite interesting....

Literature Days can be a fun way to add a kind of cross curricula method to the mid-week slump we can get into and can be really fun to look forward to.
There are lots of literature units to choose from on Homeschool Helper just look under Unit Studies.
Other links for literature units are:
there are more you just have to hunt around till you find the right book unit you might be looking for.

One thing I found really interesting to me is my P who is dyslexic never really wants to try or even attempt to follow along when I read. He says it is too hard and I go too fast. Well I tried something today and it might be something that helps someone so I wanted to share.. in the book the penguin many times will speak up with a sound or a penguin comment, if you will, like "gook" or "ouk" penguing noises...well my older child was following along in the book and asked when he heard me make the penguin noise, if he could do it when it comes to that part. I said sure so we read along and my littler one spoke up and said he wants to do the penguin part, SO, I explained he can certainly do the penguin part but he has to follow he got up and picked up our third book and found the page and I read a bit slower as I saw he was tracking the words with his finger. Each time he never missed when the penguin did his little antics and we would laugh at the noises P would make.....he was practicing tracking and it was something he has never been able to do very well with someone reading, often times I will have him draw or just listen...but today was very interesting...So I thought a bit more afterwards and asked P if the next time mama read a story would you like to pick a silly word or persons name or such and jump in as I read along? He Loved the idea. BINGO - now I am onto something. lol
Just wanted to share this little piece that may not seem like a big deal but looking at the larger scale of things it is very BIG. :)
Hope these have been helpful and Happy Reading!


My Army Brats and Me said...

Hey Tracy

Please email me your address again. We are mailing the bracelets again. I am writing on the back this time. So hopefully they will be left alone.
Thanks Cindy

Summer Fae said...

My daughter loves penguins. Thanks for the great links. I love the idea of sharing a story and everyone reading along. This is a great idea.

Barb said...

Wow what a great idea to have them say a specific word when following along in reading. I will have to try it tomorrow with mine. Thanks!

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