Saturday, January 24, 2009

Busy Days and Now a New Hobby!

We had an incredibly busy week last week. It was our first really full week coming back from our Holiday so we really began reviewing and assessing things to see where we were at with our studies.

We continue to work in our history program SOTW (Story of the World) and are learning about Egypt and mummies and pyramids. I found a wonderful video at our local library that touched upon the exact concepts we had been reading about so it worked out well. I also picked up a research guide from the Magic Tree House Series to supplement a bit further on the subject. We will work further on this next week.

Science was messy this week. Paper Mache' need I say more? The boys loved it... I was a bit unsure as to how my older one would be with his sensory issues - but he seemed to do very well. Chris is learning about our Earth so he is making a model of our earth and it's layers inside. Peyton is still on Antarctica..yup still, he loves to just keep going and dive into more and more information on a subject...pretty soon we will cut off but for now he was anxious to make a model of an Emperor Penguin so we are making that with the Paper Mache'.

Math is going fantastic with the new methods I am using and I am actually enjoying teaching math! I cannot believe it. I ended up working hard on a concept outline so that I can stay on task and keep moving forward reviewing and introducing concepts as we go. This was a real accomplishment because it will really help me as I move forward to write out our lesson plans. I am thankful a good friend was able to point me in the right direction for a resource to help me do this she suggested AAA Math and I have to say it is an excellent resource indeed.

Reading also is going splendid. Peyton is now reading Captain Underpants books! He loves graphic novels and the little stinker tricked me while we were trying to practice our fluency from our I SEE SAM readers this past week ~ he went to the BACK of our stack of readers where they are the hardest and read them to me...I had no idea he took those and was laughing afterwards because he said he wanted to show me how he can read other things sigh...well I suppose that is all good new ..

While keeping up on my e-group we had a discussion about journals and portfolios, one parent showed off her journals and I have to say I was so impressed! It truly inspired me to learn scrapbooking. I have never done it before and hit Walmart tonite to check out what all the fuss was about and wow, can I just say I think I might have found, yet another, hobby. ~

I ended up picking up some scrapbook papers and also some card frames so that you can write on the side about the photo ~ which really will be a nice touch.
I found a bunch of school stickers with globes, backpacks, notebooks etc..desks, I think the boys will really enjoy putting together their work in more informal way this year for their portfolios. It will be a wonderful keepsake and fun at the same time. ~

So it was a busy week and I am sure next week will be just as busy we ramp back up next week with some more stylistic techniques for our IEW writing series so that should be fun.

Grammar struggles ~
I also am going to be checking into changing our Grammar just a bit..My 10 yo is doing fine but my 12 yo is struggling so wonderful parent recommended to me to start him on a foreign language and this might help his grammar in a round-a-bout sort of way...I have to say I think it is an excellent idea and plan to explore this further.
My 12 yo has ADHD along with CAPD and Dyslexia so Grammar is most certainly not one of his favorite or subjects he does well in. So I will work to change some methods and post back more on this with his struggles learning Grammar and what I have found that might help.

~ tracey

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