Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Beyond Homeschooling

We have found over this past year, as our home learning comes to a close, we have become even more busy than we were before!

Because of this busy time in our lives and as the boys and I enter into this next chapter, we will be closing this blog as our home learning journey comes to an end.

I want to wish all our readers and followers the very best in their own personal journey in their homeschool and home learning.

Thank you for sharing these years with us ~ we hope that in some way our little space here at Learners at Home was helpful and encouraging.

All the best,


Monday, September 26, 2016

Math - " Mini-Office" Resource

Remember way back when I first started talking and writing about "mini-offices?"  I found this site that might be of some help for those who are looking for items to print out or for hand-outs for studying different areas in Math.

Its from the Math Review Learning Center over at the Glencoe site. Here is the link.  Click on the topic and it will bring you to a pdf page that you can print and cut/paste onto your mini-office your creating or for a handout for a math binder.

The examples are well written and they can be of great help for specific basic skills while practicing your math topics.

Quick Tip/Share: Writing Resource- Handouts

I was in the process of creating a write-up this morning on the topic of writing transitions and I found this GREAT site to share with all of you.

I started reading through some of these hand-outs and I found them to be very helpful so I wanted to share right away! It took much of my work away and it could for you as well.

The link is The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill be sure to check it out! You won't be sorry you did~

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MLA Handbook- 8th Edition Now Available

You may or may not be aware of the new MLA Handbook edition that replaces the older edition. It
is now available for order and there we are starting to see some sites update their information on the new 8th edition handbook.

You can find a quick reference here over at Easy Bib.

Purdue OWL has updated their site as well to have the new 8th edition as well.

You can order the new handbook here at the MLA website.

I had been planning on creating a quick reference guide but might hold off and have my learner just use these above sites for now and see if that is sufficient. I believe it will be and hope its helpful to you as well.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Quick Tip/Share: Writing Resource

 I was researching information on what I want to add to my Writing/Composition Binder ( post to follow later)  and found this great PDF that I really think is excellent.

 If you click on this link it will bring you directly to the place where you can find the PDF in its entirety.

I back-tracked my search so I could provide you with the original link/ origin of this PDF so as to be able to provide full disclosure for this information. It is a school district and I found this information really helpful and wanted to share it with my readers. The Rubric below the highlighted link is also very good as well.

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